Volvo series

    VOLVO is one of Sweden’s largest companies, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of trucks, buses and industrial engines. There are more than 120 years of history, so far the engine output of more than 1 million units, widely used in automobiles, construction machinery, marine, is the ideal power generator. Regal (VOLVO) company’s products focus on performance and reliability, attention for effective service customer service scheme has become its engines and power systems of the world’s leading suppliers is one of the most important brand in the industry. Volvo (VOLVO) has more than 5 thousand dealers and service agents in about 130 countries. Strong distribution network and service network in the world. Regal (VOLVO) companies adhering to the professional knowledge, quality, safety and environmental awareness for Su seeking active, full of enthusiasm, respect for the individual is the theme of the company’s corporate culture, has been fully committed to reduce fuel consumption and emissions of the diesel engine. Regal (VOLVO) diesel engine to the top of the world with low fuel consumption, low emission and low noise, can serve as a model to save energy and protect the environment, as much as possible so that the minimum, each operation cost and minimal toxic emissions.